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Life is too short, they say. I agree, especially when you have lost your most beloved since your infancy and still have some time to live until you finally come to an end, like them. Family, friends, and professors, and that is already too much. But still, we have some schoolmates and people that cross our lives on both sides - in this world or the other... Some were bad, some not as much, but they were all quite distant from what I wanted to be with. They all seem like fantômes, not even being a little near heroes or wise men or women. I lost my grandparents at the age of ten. I missed them all my life. Afterwards, I struggled with life, as we all do. I achieved some good things. But it would be much better not to be obliged to fight with human beings constantly, only to preserve my "self" and not to create within it. It takes too much energy to fight bad and dumb people. But after all, I still have time to learn and think about who I am in this world—waiting for the other world with serenity and discipline. Le Monde et l'Autre Monde. Both have been part of my life until now.

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