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Currently, I am working on Arthurian onomastics based on the text of the Chronicon Briocence - the first source for the history of Armorican Brittany. It is evident that I rely on the research of great scholars - Onomastics being a lifelong work in Historical Linguistics at the crossroads of other disciplines such as Comparative Mythology, History, and Archaeology which must apply into a broad scholarly knowledge.  Therefore, the case here is a study and a collection of a bibliography on the onomastics of Breton Arthurian names, sometimes forgotten in the series of university research. At the same time, the study of the historical context of the Chronicon Briocence - and the historians' discussions about the authority of the text brings to the surface a somewhat forgotten topos - the existence of a source in Old Brittany from which it would be used by  Geoffrey of Monmouth to build his major work - HISTORIA REGUM BRITANIA. The obscure records of the foundation of Armorican Brittany, their enigmatic kings and saints are also discussed considering they are part of the historical horizon of the corpus. Since the Armorican Bretagne and the Arthurian myth fall within the scope of Celtic Studies, a critical approach to Celtic Studies is also viewed. Controversies about the Celts since the Renaissance have made this field of study difficult with many traps. Celtomania, Celticity, Celtoïde... these are words to describe a whole perilous undertaking. I hope that this study will attract your curiosity about this fascinating subject - the Celts and their ancient, medieval and modern cultures together with the Breton culture in itself. 

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