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Living Among Ruins

Atualizado: 3 de abr. de 2023

Abandoned Library in France

There is a time when you realize that what we have suffered in all life was worth or unworthy of our being in this world. Around the age of twenty-eight, I felt that, for my generation, it was the end of something that I didn't understand quite well. Now I do. People from the 80ths were thrilled by some misunderstanding of what was happening to them precisely as it is now with the millennium, which is my daughter's generation and that of most of my students at the university. They are completely lost and submerged by media and the internet thing that drove us all a little crazy, like the former hippies who went on with psilicpsilocibine to program marvellous odd things in computers... (see Les Origines hippie de la culture numérique.... ). But now it is even worst than ever because of the importance of digital technologies in all our lives... very few people escape that time of algorithms, screens, and games, and you know what I am talking about... at least the ones who had reached me in this blog. Everfu thing can be so dangerous now. Take care. Use the Internet to learn and progress on some subject you find essential. Search for inspiration and good blessings from good people. They are also online. Protect yourself from evil people, wrong messages, instructions, coaches, and all the bad things that could come from them.

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